We offer a range of bespoke Pilates services in pop-up studio locations in and around Maidstone. We cater for woman between the ages of 30 and 58 who do not enjoy the Gym environment and prefer a more personal and relaxed setting.

We offer exceptional service through our programmes and classes.  We also believe everybody needs to be healthy, fit and free from back pain.

We can tailor the programmes to suit you, with personal instruction and guidance to ensure you will be getting the best results possible.

We work with other medical professionals, clinics to ensure you get the best all round care and support.

You will be able to work at your own pace during your programme and we provide a lot of exercise variety to make sure it’s never dull or boring.


The services we provide:


Class sizes 

All group Pilates and Barre- 8 - 14 people max

Semi private all- 3 - 5 max people

1 to 1s Pilates- individual


Class options

Small equipment Pilates

The Tye 4 Pilates (Reformer Style )

Pilates for back pain

Pilates for rehabilitation

Pilates for sports people

Pre and postnatal Pilates

Barre Concept classes

A range of online video downloads and DVDs


My Story


After struggling with on-going Back pain and depression  for many years I decided to do something about it.

After having tried many clinical options I found that these were not helping me in the longer term.

A career change from a desk bound job as a designer to becoming a Pilates teacher has changed my life. Not only did I find my core strength and banished my back pain, I also found a mental release too.

Teaching Pilates is a challenging profession but the rewards of seeing the physical and mental benefits of Pilates to me and my students has been fantastic and motivational.


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