FAQ on Victoria Bristow Pilates


What experience do you have?

9 years experience in teaching and studying the Pilates methods.

I’m a Pilates expert.


What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise method that works your core.

Training your mind to control the postural muscles, which help support, your spine. We need to engage these muscles in the exercises

Each exercise involves the power of the following: concentration from the mind, breathing into the ribcage engaging the deep abdominal muscles, centuring we work from the core, relaxation focusing on how your body feels relieving any tension, quality correct alignment of the body when doing the movements, Flowing movements the movements flow in a continuous flowing way.

Awareness being aware of your own bodies strengths and weaknesses, and stamina as with other forms of exercise repetition/ frequency will increase with thy skill. The activity itself strengthens the body.


What are the benefits of Pilates?

Increased strength, Increased flexibility, Increased wellbeing, Improved posture and breathing, toned all-over body, Deceased stress, reduce/eliminate back and neck pain, Flatten abdominals,

Treat & prevent injuries, helps with illnesses.


Who developed the Pilates system?

A man called Joseph Pilates from Germany designed the exercises system in the early 20th century. He had rickets and wanted to make himself better.

He trained the police and the military and rehabilitated them back to health.


Where are the exercises are preformed?

 In my studio or a pop up venue near you.


Will I need a mat?

Yes I will provide mats and equipment for all the classes.

Yes a foam mat with added padding can be purchased online from various fitness outlets or Pilate’s stores for your own practice at home.


What do I wear?

Leggins or fitness trousers that are comfortable and fairly tight t-shirt so I can ascertain your posture. Bare feet or socks.


What type of classes do you run?

Large group classes small group (semi privates 2-4 people) and 1to 1 sessions.

I specialise in Pilates. General pilates, beginner intermediate and adavanced back pain classes, pilates small equipment classes, Barre classes, Tye4 pilates (reformer style), sports pilates, pre and Post-natel I also run short programmes.


What is the difference between a programme and a class?

Programmes are designed and tailored to your specific needs only through consultations, goal settings, screenings, and postural assessments then a suitable programme is worked out for your back type to follow. Classes have to be catered for a wide variety of people and sometimes the style is varied they are similar but less intense running over a longer period of time we offer precise instructions to all with adaptions and modifications we work at your own pace


Who is Pilates suitable for? 

All ages for both men and woman and children . and up to the ages of 80 (if they feel comfortable to do so on a beginner workout or gentle session intermediate and  advanced sessions would not be suitable.)


How do I book my sessions?

Through my website by paypal or direct transfer or by telephone.


Is there free parking at your venues?

Yes there is free parking at all the venues I teach at.


What is Pilates and small equipment and how can if help me?

Pilates using the small equipment involves soft mini balls, bands, The foam roller, Pilates rings, stability balls, hand weights and the Tie 4 all these can seriously help you by making the exercises more challenging. The equipment can stabilise your body and destabilise the body and certain exercises can be made easier using the band and others more challenging. It can be fun using props in your workout they add variety assistance, and resistance.


How do I know if I am doing it correctly?

To get the most out of your Pilates exercises it important that you understand the Pilates technique and crucial to engage while doing the exercises learnt in the setup which will come before your warm up. You must breathe correctly whilst doing the exercises follow the setup in the video and watch the demonstration so you get the feeling of pulling in and up.


Can I do the exercises if I am pregnant?

Yes you can but you will need a special tailored programme with adaptions and modifications for all the exercises at the different times of  your trimester.


Can general pilates help my lower backpain ?

Yes Pilates can seriously help your lower back pain. The strengthening programmes are designed to increase your core strength and stamina effectively alleviates back injury and improve your posture.


How does a backpain class differ from a general Pilates mat class?

Some of the exercises are standing up and others are lieing down sometimes we use small equipment.

The exercises are slow and cater for your backpain only. We work out the science behind the movement for the back. Its really important that you get the care and attention for your injury or condition and you listen to the teacher and don’t over do it or get carried away. The exercises have to be performed at a reasonable slow pace with good form. You shouldn’t be doing a normal Pilates class in the first place or even worse when you haven’t been checked out by a medical professional.


Will Pilates improve my sport?

Absolutely sports Pilates will look at your strengths and weakness throughout your body and we tailor those to your sport Actions

We will look at the Muscles what you need to strengthen and lengthen is the question. This will be covered later in my future programmes.





FAQ on video programmes


What dvds or videos downloads do you offer if I can’t get to a class?

A pilates beginner dvd that you can practice from home, an intermediate download covering upper ,lower body workouts and inflexibility workouts, and a banish backpain download.


Can I skip the setup section on your dvds or video downloads ?  

Only when you have mastered the entire beginner exercises these need to be practised regularly then you can begin to add you setup in with your warm-ups.


Can I skip the warm-ups section?

No this has to be done for all workouts.


Can I Skip the beginner’s sessions and go straight to the intermediate/ advanced sessions?

Only if you have done a beginner course before and classes previously and you understand the principles involved and not suffering from an injury or illness that will affect your ability to perform.

Every teacher works differently so best to start again and learn the exercises from the beginning Victoria Bristow takes no responsibility in your accountability.


How often should I practice on your videos ?

Everyday is best every other is good.

If you would like to see and feel better results best to do daily depending on time restrictions you can do the whole routine or break up into achievable 10-minute sessions.


How long do the workouts last up to?

30-50 minutes on video  It’s up to you whether you do the full workout session or a 10-minute session if you’re pushed for time.


How long does it take to feel and see the results?

About 10 -12 Sessions  Pilates is not a quick fix like some other forms of exercise. What you need to understand is it’s an educational programme as well as a fitness wellness programme.

You will need to have some patience at first learning to set the body up correctly and be able to master the principles in time. All exercises should be done slowly and precisely it will take weeks or even months to get results and feel the muscles working effectively depending how often you practice the exercises however some master it quicker than others.


When can I start the intermediate programme?

When you have completed all your beginner exercises and can do them within 12 weeks.


How long before I can move onto advanced exercises?

When you have mastered the intermediate mat work exercises with good form this can take anywhere from 6 months up to a year.


Why Pilates downloads videos and what are there advantages?

It’s quick simple and easy you can learn these anywhere it’s just so convenient.



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