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The complete manage your back pain Blueprint. 


The 1 to 1 complete manage your back pain Blueprint 

is designed with your flaws and conditions only for a simpler life online all organized in an accessible format simple to follow without having to leave your house to go to sessions. A very comprehensive detailed programme is detailing all you need to know to get pain relief and manage it for the rest of your life. 

  • No more doctors appointments or visiting surgeons 


  • No more costly timely visits to the osteopaths, physios, and chiropractors or massage therapists


  • No more expensive clinics trips or prescription drugs 


  • No more creams, ointments 


  • No more searching for cures


  • No more worrying about lifting, bending, reaching and twisting 

  • No more worrying about sitting or standing

  • No more worrying about exercise again

  • No more worrying about how you're going  to sleep 


  * I have Improved my work performance I feel focussed again 


  * I’m able to Run after the gran kids again in the park 


  * I can enjoy my favourite activities again 


  * I Feel relaxed now; I can sleep better now without being in pain 


  * Less stressed feeling less tense in my your body I can move better 


 * Better mood improved breathing I feel like exercise again 


 * I can sit longer without being in pain now


 * My posture has improved I feel more comfortable in my body 


 * My depression has decreased and I can start enjoying life again


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