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Attention women over 50 who want to eliminate their back pain in the next six weeks and maintain....

You may have completed a beginners course but struggle to get to classes in-person but you need to manage the problems you are having right now which are ongoing aches and pains

You may have been advised that you need to strengthen your core or perhaps you are feeling like your body may not be moving as freely as it should. You’d like to understand how you can strengthen correctly to feel more ease of movement in your body and to get back pain relief and begin to learn more exercises with greater understanding

we are offering free taster

On the following classes

Mondays pilates mat-work improvers/intermediates with pilates long bands online zoom live 7-8pm (beginners are welcome)

Mondays mat work online zoom live 8-9pm (beginners are welcome)

Wednesdays pilates mat work with pilates long bands improvers/intermediates online zoom live 6.30–7.30pm (beginners are welcome)

***what your need to get started ***


​Fill in on the link below and send back to me. let me know when your’e done.

And we will be in touch via email you provide on your health form

Please note best to fill the forms out on a desktop computer

BUT the google docs form works on phone if you click on the


fill out with any joint complaints ie back pain, injuries, illnesses and list all medication currently taking including operations etc. At the end sign and date

2/Please wear comfortable clothing, joggers, sweat tops a somewhat fitted top so I can see what's going on with your posture.

3/It would help if you had a mat and a large towel that can be rolled up under the lower back or head and have bare feet or socks.

4/If you're doing online sessions, we request you to download the Zoom app if you haven't already done so a device is required laptop computer or phone

5/Have a space ready and clear from obstructions and your device setup laptop, iPad or phone along with good lighting.

along with good lighting.

And we will send the zoom link a few hours before to your email address. Check your junk and spasm for MEETING LINK

Just click the link to join, and you're in

Experience how good your body can really feel!

And I can't wait to meet you. See you on the mat!!!


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