Inspiring, knowledgeable, professional, empathetic and fun, Victoria Bristow is by far the best exercise instructor I have ever had – and I have had quite a few. In fact, I have never exercised in such a regular and disciplined fashion until I met her. From her specialty of Pilates, to cardio and conditioning, Vicky is so versatile and well-trained that lessons with her are motivating, enjoyable and even interesting. She has helped change my lifestyle, my outlook and, not least, my body shape. I cannot imagine life without her classes.

Julie St John

Surrey, UK


I find the classes fun and a good workout; I’m much more flexible and have made some lovely new friends. Definitely a weekly treat rather than an exercise chore!

Gill Wood

Surrey, UK


I was a complete beginner and Victoria’s classes have been brilliant. She’s attentive to each person in the class and ensures that you work at the correct level, appropriate to your fitness and individual needs. The class I go to is friendly and not overcrowded and I’d recommend her classes and private tuition to anyone who wants to try Pilates.



Surrey, UK


Since starting classes with Victoria my long standing back problem has really improved and I'm much more flexible in general. Her classes are always varied and fun and are a great way to unwind after a busy day at work.



Surrey, UK

Victoria is a brilliant Pilates teacher as she is able to focus on our individual capabilities and tailor the exercises accordingly. She is excellent in assessing the mood of the class - whether relaxation and stretching is needed or something a bit more upbeat and energetic! Victoria always provides a fun and varied class and makes us want to come back week after week.


Surrey, UK

I signed up for Vicky’s 6 month programme 3 times a week in Barre and I have noticed a great difference in my body shape my legs are really firm now with more defined shape. My bum is much firmer and curved than before.

My stomach is flatter, more toned and I lost a stone and a half while having fun!


Surrey, UK

I love Vicky’s Barre classes I got so bored of my normal exercise routine but now I have finally found an exercise form I can stick to.

I burned fat and I can feel the burn. I  have lost a stone coming 2 times a week and I practice at home twice a week with some help with coaching and diet plans.

I achieved my ideal body weight. It works.


Kent, UK

I have been attending Victoria’s Pilates classes for about 18 months and have noticed a huge improvement in my flexibility, core strength and general all round fitness. Her classes are fun and she incorporates variation, which ensures that you never become complacent with the exercises!


Kent, UK

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