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I help busy professionals with back pain relief  in-person, online, and specific programmes in chronic back pain, giving them relief, support, and transforming their bodies and minds without prescription drugs in under 90 days.
Watch my video below to find out about my story

My Story

*Important message*

The truth is you can manage your back pain relief without a hands-on approach.


Hi, my name is Vicky. I'm a certified pilates expert, Back pain specialist and health and wellness coach with 16 years of experience. 

I Have helped thousands of busy clients stay pain-free with my safe, simple, practical methods for improving their fitness health and wellbeing.


As a stressed-out busy woman having no time, I understand how it feels to have chronic back pain.

 I injured my back pretty bad tried doctors, surgeons, osteopaths, acupuncture, private counselling, prescription drugs, creams that were not working for me. 


I was waking up in the middle of the night

in pain because the prescription drugs didn't touch the pain problem.

The doctors advised taking even more prescription drugs, for yet another problem. The drugs messed me up.



              To learn more watch the video above             


My Story

Online Services

Let’s Work Together on Zoom


1 to 1 Chronic Back Pain Coaching

12 Week Programs

A Friendly holistic approach to exercise. Safe, relaxing but straightforward. We understand that back pain can be stressful and complicated, trying to find the right diagnosis to your problem. 


We design the plan with you. Carefully around your problems, conditions, lifestyle and circumstances adapting along the way, providing you with full support every day.


A tested proven, Blueprint giving you the tools to succeed and managing it for the rest of your life. 

We design the most comprehensive program you ever encounter.


Pilates classes for pain relief 

 Interactive Zoom Sessions 

We combine the benefits of Pilates exercise therapy, holistic health and wellness with the latest research of modern exercise science, giving you speciality classes.  

The classes are simple, safe, gentle, relaxing, effective and corrects postural imbalances and create core strength, flexibility, stability, body awareness, help prevent and overcome injuries and diseases, reduction in aches and pains, improves coordination, promotes sleep, gives you energy and focus helps with stress, anxiety and healing in the body and even weight loss. A healthy body, mental wellbeing and fitness 

Online services
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Introducing you to

The Manage Your Back Pain Relief Blueprint

IMPORTANT you can relieve your back pain from home

  • No more doctors appointments or visiting surgeons 

  • No more costly timely visits to the osteopaths, physios, and chiropractors or massage therapists

  • No more expensive clinics trips  or prescription drugs 

  • No more creams, ointments 

  • No more searching for cures 

  • No more worrying about bending, twisting and reaching

  • No more worrying about can I put my body in that awkward positions

  • No more timely routines or driving to sessions  



Manage you back pain

What are the benefits that you're noticing

*I have banished my back pain    

*I have Improved my work performance I feel focussed again 

*I’m able to Run after the gran kids again in the park 

*I can enjoy my favourite activities again 

*I Feel totally relaxed now, I can sleep at night without being in pain 

*Less stressed less tense, in my your body I can move better 

*Better mood improved breathing I feel like exercise again 

*I can sit longer without being in pain now

* I have lost weight and have a slimmer waistline 

* My posture has been corrected. I’m strong in my core again. I feel more comfortable in my body 

*My depression has decreased and I can  start enjoying life again

what you need

What you need

Client Testimonials

These are real client testimonials 

I’ve been honoured to work with some amazing human beings and am deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. I deeply care about their success.  Click on the video and see what some of my previous clients had to say.

Client testimonials




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