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Simple demonstration on systematic kinesiology

Simple demonstration on systematic kinesiology



Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that combines complementary and alternative medicine using ancient Chinese medicine theory with Western techniques.

We look at the whole person approach; through muscle testing. The muscle test reveals what the body wants or doesn't want.

We cover chiropractic techniques, psychology, acupressure, nutritional therapy, bach essences, traditional Chinese medicine and massage.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to help uncover and address the mental/ emotional, chemical, structural and electrical stressors affecting your health and wellbeing. Therefore helps restore physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, which is why it's unique.

It helps us discover the root causes of unwanted symptoms that can then be corrected.

We detect and correct imbalances in your body. 

If minor balances are not corrected, they can cause compensations in the body.

If this builds up, functional changes can occur, giving rise to symptoms of discomfort and pain. 

If we ignore these warning signs, a disease could follow. 

Systematic Kinesiology is genuinely preventative, helping ward off disease.

Head Massage
Head Massage

How does it work? 

Starting with a consultation which can be done over the phone or via zoom, we will discuss your health issues. This last one hour.

All kinesiology sessions are 1 hour long. The session takes place in our studio here in Maidstone 65 Sheals Crescent Maidstone Kent ME15 6TW parking is available for up to 2 hours on POSTLEY ROAD.  

For the session, we use a massage bed. 

You remain fully clothed. Trousers are recommended. 

The session is relaxing. 

Firstly we test your muscle against the organ; then, we test you with nutritional supplements. You can bring along a few of your own supplements if you want us to test them along with any food you think you are intolerant to, and then we work on any corrections using the various techniques explained above. It's important to start taking the supplements straight away so any fixes in the body hold. 

Why Kinesiology?

I came across it after teaching a client pilates who is a kinesiologist. 

I had my own health issues back problems, lifestyle with stress, constant tension in my body, acid reflux, menopause and post nasal drip. I wanted to overcome. I was sick of trying to rely on modern medical prevention. I was amazed how quickly kinesiology helped me identify what foods were triggers to my issues, tension points I hadn't noticed, like my jaw were so tight. I felt totally relaxed after the session.  

I learnt that being fit is not enough, and we think we are eating well. 

We need to eat the right food for our blood group, but the only way to truly tell we are well as a whole person is to get the balance back in the body. 

How do we do this? Through holistic therapy (systematic kinesiology), A natural health care system that's gentle. 

Being; tested through light muscle testing and food testing for sensitivity. We can check the mental, emotional, spiritual, chemical, physical and energy life force response. 

The techniques that correct the imbalances in the whole person are powerful and combine emotional stress release, neuro- Lymphatic points, Neuro-vascular points, using Nutrition to test, meridian tracing, meridian energy interchange and origin and insertion massage. I was blown away by how much I had learned after one treatment about my mind and body condition. 

What can I help with? 

*Neck,shoulder,back,arm, elbow,wrist, glute,hip,leg,ankle and foot pain

*Joint pain

*Food sensitivity testing


*Headaches, migraines


*Digestive issues

*Bladder issues


*Sleeping problems 

*Frequent infections

*Constant tiredness 

*Fears and phobias

*breathing issues 

*Emotional and behavioural issues 



Bespoke balances 

Neck balance 

Lower back balance 

Shoulder balance

Elbow balance 

Wrist balance

Hip balance

Knee balance

Ankle balance

Immune balance

Intestinal balance

Hormonal balance

Stress balance 

Full MOT

Herbal Medicine
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