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Simple demonstration on systematic kinesiology

Simple demonstration on systematic kinesiology



Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that combines complementary and alternative medicine using ancient Chinese medicine theory with Western techniques.

We look at the whole person approach; through muscle testing. The muscle test reveals what the body wants or doesn't want.

We cover chiropractic techniques, psychology, acupressure, nutritional therapy, bach essences, traditional Chinese medicine and massage.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to help uncover and address the mental/ emotional, chemical, structural and electrical stressors affecting your health and wellbeing. Therefore helps restore physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, which is why it's unique.

It helps us discover the root causes of unwanted symptoms that can then be corrected.

We detect and correct imbalances in your body. 

If minor balances are not corrected, they can cause compensations in the body.

If this builds up, functional changes can occur, giving rise to symptoms of discomfort and pain. 

If we ignore these warning signs, a disease could follow. 

Systematic Kinesiology is genuinely preventative, helping ward off disease.