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My name is Vicky 

I'm a back pain specialist. And I'm here to banish your back pain. 


Your Chronic back pain affects your every move, daily life, work, social, and personal, not just the physical but the mental your left with torment, constant worry, and sleepless nights, and you can't get to do the things you love. Chronic back pain stops you in your tracks.



Imagine a pain-free life, a good night's sleep, and being able to do the things you love getting work tasks done effortlessly, not worrying about sitting and enjoying better freedom, health and wellness. 


With my sympathetic, diligent holistic approach using scientifically proven methods, I can finally help you overcome your back pain and get you to start living your best life. 

Respectful and non-judgemental 

 I understand fixing your back pain is not an easy problem.Mine took three months of gentle exercise to recover and a year to change my mindset.

I was in constant agony day and night. Chronic back pain takes time to heal. You will get setbacks along the way, but you learn. 

I promise to make every session a safe, holistic space. I will listen to you openly, and you can share your struggles and experiences with us. 


I know accountability is essential to you. You missed it before. You tried the doctors and surgeons with minimal outcomes and no real answers, causing you colossal frustration;  you felt like you were being brushed aside. Yep, I've been there. Then you tried osteopaths, physios, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, hoping it would be a quick fix. It helped a bit but were temp fixes, and then the pain was back, not actually getting to the root cause; none one checked in on you to see how you were doing..

Which transformation  course or Program?

You want that personal experience on a one too; one, you tried group classes, but you really weren't ready; you were put to the back of the room in a corner on a chair and ignored as you couldn't do the exercises; you had too many conditions and issues, or your back pain was too complicated the teacher didn't know what to do. The

back pain relief coaching  is for you as you want trustworthiness and you want to know you're doing the exercises correctly 


I know it has been hard to make a start or get to reading this far. I struggled with back pain for years in the past, and that was before I had the disc injury. Know one really understood me. They said it's all in my head. It's time to be understood, which allows me to help you better on your transformation healing journey.

About Me

Trained as a designer, starting to get back pain from long hours of sitting at a desk working on computers and sewing machines led to postural issues and weakness. Eventually, it led me to chronic stress where I couldn't sit for more than 20-30 minutes without being in pain to the point it affected everything I did. I started attending fitness classes hoping it would help with the back pain and stress. Then one day at a busy class, I quickly twisted on a sit-up and put my back out. I couldn't move the pain was intense. The paramedics came in, and I was carried out on a stretcher. After that experience, I was embarrassed. I never went back to classes like that again. It took 12 weeks to recover from the disc injury, laid out on my bed for weeks on end, and one year mentally,  I was so sensitive to moving or being touched. 

My success story

I have studied pilates, from general to rehabilitation and back pain in all forms, and learned how to recover holistically through gentle exercises without prescription drugs and get my life back.

How can I help you?

My expert guide to overcoming your back pain recovery program

Click the link to the online programme here

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