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Our Services

We help with beginner courses, pilates intermediates programmes, pilates 1to1s, back pain relief coaching online, back consultations and kinesiology treatments    giving you the very best possible outcome.

Pilates Beginner's course

Lasts 6 weeks the beginners course is suitable for beginners and those returning to Pilates after a break.


We teach you the basic principles and set up for the exercises to help improve your strength and flexibility throughout your body. The exercises are gentle slow and controlled and help with pain relief  

Pilates 1 to 1 course

We offer 12-week Private, personal One to One sessions that are perfect for you if you want a Pilates programme tailored for you as an individual. Also suitable for you if you want a specialist exercise prescription for your issues 

Back Consultation

TThe consultation Lasts 1 hour and is suitable for those that are worried about a back issue or back pain. We will assess your back and talk through the appropriate treatment plans

Pilates Intermediate course

Can be taken in 6 weeks blocks or on a subscription monthly. The intermediate pilates programme is suitable for improvers and intermediates wanting to do a regular weekly class to get the full benefits  helping to maintain their strength and flexibility, keep healthy and fit, and free from aches and pains.

Back pain relief coaching programme 

The complete manage your back pain Blueprint. 

The 1 to 1 complete manage your back pain Blueprint 

is designed with your flaws and conditions only for a simpler life online all organized in an accessible format simple to follow without having to leave your house to go to sessions. A very comprehensive detailed programme is detailing all you need to know to get pain relief and manage it for the rest of your life. 

Kinesiology treatments

Kinesiology is amazing with treatments; we specialise in health issues from back pain and sciatica to chronic stress and menopause. We use holistic therapy combining complementary and alternative medicine using ancient Chinese medicine theory with Western techniques.

We look at the whole-person approach; through muscle testing. The muscle test reveals what the body wants or doesn't want.

We cover chiropractic techniques, psychology, acupressure, nutritional therapy, bach essences, traditional Chinese medicine and massage. If you want to know more, contact us.

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