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Our Services

We help with pilates beginner courses, and mange my aches and pains pains programs , back pain relief coaching 1to1 and semi privates,, back consultations and kinesiology back balance programs giving you the very best possible outcome.

Pilates Beginner's course

The course that will suit you best is the “Beginners Pilates Course”

Our expert team of instructors will welcome you into our 6 week Beginners Pilates Course. We understand it’s a little daunting to try Pilates for the first time and put you at ease. Everyone on the course are also trying Pilates for the first time and feel just like you! In the Beginners course it’s ok to be at the back of the room! It’s also ok to just stop and watch an exercise if you are unsure. We guide you slowly through the basic principles of pilates and the basic exercises to ensure you feel good and benefit from a stronger core and freedom of movement. 

Pilates 1 to 1 course

We offer 12-week Private, personal One to One sessions that are perfect for you if you want a Pilates programme tailored for you as an individual. Also suitable for you if you want a specialist exercise prescription for your issues 

Back Consultation

The consultation Lasts 1 hour and is suitable for those that are worried about a back issue or back pain. We will assess your back and talk through the appropriate treatment plans

 Aches and pains program

The problems you are having right now are aches and pains :

You may have been advised that you need to strengthen your core or perhaps you are feeling like your body may not be moving as freely as it should. You’d like to understand how you can strengthen correctly to feel more ease of movement in your body and to get back pain relief 

Back pain relief coaching 

Suitable for busy professionals The complete manage your back pain Blueprint is a

 1 to 1 program

is designed with your flaws and conditions only for a simpler life online all organized in an accessible format simple to follow without having to leave your house to go to sessions. A very comprehensive detailed programme  detailing all you need to know about your back and overcoming your pain 

Kinesiology back balance program

Excellent if you are short on time and don't really like exercising, and what holistic pain relief quick. The back pain is affecting everything you do. You can't concentrate at work; you can't relax or sleep. You have tried the doctor's physios acupuncture, massage gadgets, creams and painkillers, and nothing has worked. 

You want a solution to your painful back problem where you can lie there and not have to do anything but relax. We will correct and rebalance your back through muscle testing and complementary and alternative medicine using ancient Chinese medicine theory with Western techniques.

We look at the whole-person approach; to overcome your back pain through muscle testing. The muscle test reveals what the body wants or doesn't want.

We cover chiropractic techniques, psychology, acupressure, nutritional therapy, bach essences, traditional Chinese medicine and massage. If you want to know more, contact us. 

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