Boutique Group Pilates

Attention: Are you frustrated with gyms & Leisure centres? If so read on!

At Boutique Pilates we supply all the equipment needed for your classes.

There is plenty of free parking.

What to expect? You will find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

What benefits do you receive with Boutique group Pilates and why you simply must do Boutique Pilates?


*Expert tuition in Pilates,

*Guaranteed core strength and flexibility,

*Better posture and alignment,

*Improved breathing, better concentration levels,

*Improved mood and stress release,

*Rehabilitation of injuries,

*Meet other friendly people with similar interests,

*More group interaction,

*Work in smaller groups,

*More personal attention.

Boutique back pain Pilates

Suffering from back pain? look no further!


Why you simply must do Boutique back pain Pilates for your back.

If you want to find relief from your back pain you need to follow the taught sequence as prescribed by your presenter.


The boutique back pain class is tailored to those that are suffering from back pain.

How it is different from conventional Pilates classes?

The exercises are specifically designed for the core and in a special sequence that is proven to work performed in a slow controlled manner. We look at the science behind the movements and work with plans specifically tailored to back pain issues.

If you are suffering with back pain you should not  be doing  conventional Pilates not all the exercises are suited for back pain conditions make sure you find the cause of your back pain. Conventional Pilates  are a general standard class which could be making your back pain worse when you don’t know why your getting the pain.


Exercises are normally carried out on the floor but sometimes we do the exercises standing up and with small equipment for assistance. We take good care of you so the exercises start at a gentle pace.

Boutique Barre Concept

Are you bored of traditional pilates or hate going to the gym?

Do you want to experience a new safe upbeat workout that helps burn fat and tone your body without the stress or impact on your joints? 


Introducing you to the New Barre class workout.


What is Barre Concept ?

Set to upbeat energy music with a celebrity following . This Method combines the precision of pilates , and the alignment of yoga, the technique of ballet  and strength sports conditioning to make a dynamic workout that sculpts  the arms, lifts the butt and burns fat.

Exercises can be done at a Barre standing up interspersed with floor work stretches.


What makes it so great at Boutique Barre Concept is that fact we work in small friendly fun groups. Barre makes such a dynamic workout with real variety to the classes.

You don’t have to be a ballet dancer to perform these excersises, they are geared to all ages and abilities.

Boutique Tye4 Pilates

You’re about to discover the new Tye 4 approach to Pilates


Are you struggling with inflexibility?

Do you have muscle imbalance issues or struggle with your balance?

Want to improve muscular endurance?

Then you simply must try Boutique Tye 4 Pilates


What is the Tye 4?


The Tye 4 is a bungee system made up of 4 tyes which is fastened to the body to help stabilise the core and chosen girdles.


What are the benefits?


* Increase flexibility

* To facilitate correct body and limb placement

* Add resistance where required

* Increase control movement patterns

* Increase muscular endurance

* Increase heart rate with added cardio moves with interval training.


What make it so great is that the Tye 4 equipment is lightweight and easy to carry compared to the traditional Pilates reformer equipment. You will have great fun with this very versatile piece of equipment. 

Boutique 1 to 1 pilates

Are you scared of hurting yourself ?

You may of hurt your back, neck or hip in an over crowed Pilates class, or you struggle with an on-going illness or condition?


At the boutique 1 to 1 sessions we understand you need the extra help that you haven’t been getting in a conventional pilates class.


We ensure that a safe progressive programme is designed or prescribed to the condition or needs.


We carry out research, posture analysis to ascertain your posture type and look at the muscle imbalances in the body.

We listen to your needs and goals then work out a simple programme that you can follow.

With your consent we speak with your doctor, osteopath, physiotherapist or specialist to determine your requirements.


You will be given precise instruction based on your Condition.

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