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How it works

In-person, & online studio pilates classes 

 I help busy professionals with pilates & pain relief  in-person, online, and specific programmes in chronic back pain, giving them relief, support, and transforming their bodies and minds without prescription drugs in under 90 days.

Step 1  To sign up for courses and programmes go to services and pick one that works best for you.


Step 2 See the timetable of class programmes and work out what days and times suit you best. 


Step 3 Use our contact form to sign up or enquire for details on our services. 


Step 4 We accept payments via bank transfer /Paypal or direct debits.


Step 5 When you have signed up and paid to secure your spot, fill out the health form you can find under HOW IT WORKS detailing all joint complaints, injuries, operations and medication you are taking. Sign and date the form sending it back to me. 


Step 6 For classes, your need a mat and a large towel that can be folded up under the head or lower back for support. Please wear comfortable clothing, a fitted top so that we can ascertain your posture and socks or bare feet.

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