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A pilates roll-up a day keeps the doctor away

In-person pilates 6.30 pm at Bearsted

Our topic today is the roll-up exercise

beginners version sit up tall with feet hip-distance apart, knees up back straight arms stretched by sides or under back of thighs. Breathe in and as you breathe out, roll-back through the sit bones, making sure your back is straight breathe in at the bottom, breathe out to return up to seated with good posture

intermediate version

legs straight out in front, feet flexed, sit up tall with good posture arms stretched out in line with shoulders. Breathe in and breathe out as you take a pelvic tilt back, slowly imprinting each vertebra down one by one, gently lowering the neck and head to the floor. Breathe in to prepare imprint your lower back to the floor engage your lower abdominals to inhale now exhale as you begin to roll through the upper neck back mid and into the lower come up to seated with good posture

TIP towel folded /placed into the small of the back with weak back and hips

Well done, everyone. What a good turnout last night. Keep doing the roll-ups *remember, a roll-up a day keeps the doctor away*

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