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Are you having unexplained back pain, hip, leg or foot pain?

By testing your muscles with kinesiology, you can quickly find the root cause of your back pain.

A client comes to me complaining of low back pain they had for years. She has tried 1-to-1 pilates, which helped her condition along with pelvic pain, but it did not address the other pain issues she was having from her hip to leg and down to the foot. She couldn't find the root cause and has had many different treatments with no success from their primary doctor. A general physical therapist spent five years of doctor visits and five years on chiropractor therapy tables and is still in pain.  

Here's one example. Right

So, how do we do this with kinesiology?

1/ We test the Psoas for weakness through muscle testing, as seen in the photo, which is related to the kidney organ 

The problems related to weakness can be a weak lumbar spine, a flattening of the lower back, a side bending of the lumbar spine, scoliosis if tight, and an exaggerated lumbar curve. It is often related to lower back aches, restlessness, kidney imbalances, skin conditions, and weakness. It can cause foot problems when the foot turns out when walking. It is also involved with flexing the hip. Other problems are not enough good fats in the diet and not drinking enough water. 

This is why it's so important to have a muscle test, as the muscle doesn't lie.

2/ Then we perform neurolymphatic massage on specific points to help strengthen that muscle, so in this case, we rub either side of the navel and rub either side of the 12th Thoracic vertebrae

3/Next, we work on the brain for circulation; we touch the neuro-vascular contact points called the occipital protuberance at the base of the skull. It's so relaxing.


4/ Then we run a meridian trace to energise with our fingers lightly. We start at the point of the middle sole, run it around the ankle bone, and up the inside of the leg up to the torso to the top of the sternum


5/Lastly, we check for nutrition with supplements or food, placing the food in a small plastic pot around the throat to test for weakness.

6/ We re-test the muscle again to see if it strengthened up, and to my client's amazement, it worked  

We look at the whole body approach; you get many techniques in one treatment. It's relaxing, and how it works is truly unique. 

Kinesiology is amazing  

We are taking bookings now for May and June. T and CS apply. 

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To your natural holistic health 

Victoria Bristow



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