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I'm looking for four professional women 50 plus who want back pain relief in the next 90 days?

This is for you if you're nervous about exercising with your back pain.  

  • You're a busy professional woman 50 plus

  • Finding it hard to fit more exercise into your already busy day? 

  • You sit for long periods and struggle with tightness and constant lower back pain. 

  • Surgeons have told you that your back may never improve. 

  • Fed up trying to stay comfortable and motivated with a lack of energy.

  • Stressed and can't sleep at night.

  • Tried group classes and practices to learn how to relieve back pain and relax, but I couldn't do the exercises.  

What if it could be like this instead 

  • Now you are managing your day well and waking up with a grin. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • You fit in more exercise at your desk effortlessly into your day with weekends off playing with your niece and days out walking.

  • You sit more comfortably at your desk job, your lower back pain is under control, and feeling less stiff. 

  • You're Feeling more motivated now. Improved energy levels allow you to work longer and hit your deadlines on time. 

  • You feel less nervous and stressed, more relaxed, and sleep better. You're optimistic about the future. Despite what the surgeon said, you're doing fun things you never thought possible and having the time of your life on holiday without worrying. 

We offer a FREE 15-minute consultation call to Find out whether the program is right for you.


We offer these via Zoom if you have downloaded the Zoom app and are comfortable working with Zoom; we will send you the link a few hours before or via Whats App at the appointed time.

The days we offer, these are: 


5.30 pm-5.45 pm 5.45 pm -6 pm 

Thursdays 12-12.15- 12-15-12.30 

Fridays 12.12.15pm 12.15-12.30 pm 

(In the subject line, put (B/P consultation) the date you want /day /time) and we will get back to you as soon as possible 

Get back to doing the things you love


Contact us here at the link below. I really look forward to speaking with you 

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There will be no classes from the 27th of March to the 1st of April. I'm away, but we will resume on the 2nd of April and contact you then.


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