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Is your back pain a priority for you?

  • You sit still at work for long periods. 

  • You don't think about your posture. 

  • You wake up frequently in the night to back pain and in the morning.

  • You struggle to get upstairs. 

  • You struggle to walk any distance.

  • Can't get comfortable in your chair 

  • It impacts you daily, physically and mentally, and drives you and your husband.

  • You tried other so-called professionals, but they didn't understand you. You couldn't make the moves. 

  • What if it could be like this instead?

  • You move effortlessly in your chair, feeling stronger and more mobile and enjoying it. 

  • You become more aware of your posture, sitting tall, and your work colleagues compliment you. 

  • You no longer wake up frequently in the night or the mornings. 

  • It's comfortable to sit in your chair. 

  • You can walk upstairs without being in pain. 

  • Now you're walking greater distances, and you couldn't do that before, and you are commuting to work more regularly for meetings.

  • Sitting in a chair has become more comfortable, and you feel reassured. 

  • You believe your back pain is improving, and your confidence has grown. Are you able to do more physically and mentally?

  • You notice the difference you feel and see it, and so does your husband. 

  • You feel understood and are now effortlessly making a habit of doing the moves correctly. 

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