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Do you need to improve your core stability?

Today's pilates session is Tuesday 10-11 am 11th Jan 2022 at Sandling village hall Maidstone.

Our topic today is core stability. When you ask most people what core stability is? The answer generally is the core. Before beginning, you start from neutral contracting your lower abdominals engaging your pelvic floor muscles and slightly imprinting your lower back to the floor, thus engaging your internal and external obliques.

When you lift one leg off the floor, the core can become unstable, and the hip can lift, and the lower back can arch or cause lateral tilting.

The exercises can often look easy, but if you have a weak core. Core stability for most is hard.

Well done; today, everyone. We even did some of those abdominal curls. It was so lovely to see you all. I can see you were concentrating hard on your moves. I will have you sweating next week :)

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