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Why pilates?

I just had to write this post.

A client came to me and said she had lost her motivation for pilates

even though the pilates had worked for her.

I pointed out that I know how you feel.

We all get this at times.

But really, remember the deep why factor why you show up each week?

It's important for pain relief, stress relief, and mental and physical well-being helps with depression, tiredness, and not to mention STRENGTH, BALANCE IN YOUR BODY, KEEPING YOU FLEXIBLE. It keeps you fit without straining your body, protecting your joints. So you can go into your later years and daily life without worrying about why you didn't do it sooner.

Reports I hear back from clients are I sleep much better now.

I can do essential tasks I couldn't do before, like walking

getting dressed without assistance, taking a shower without the worry of falling. I can garden longer without back pain. I can play my favourite sport again as I know what to do and when to do it to get relief. I'm back on my bike again and loving it. I can cycle better it's protecting me from injury and prevention every time I show up.

Now I am no longer with back ache or pain. The tightness in my body has reduced, and I feel more relaxed. I can play with the grandkids in the park again. Walk to the shops and back carrying my shopping and drive for longer with confidence.

Sitting at my desk is easier now and for longer, and I get more work done and feel more productive in my day.

My breathing has improved I feel lighter in my body. It's protecting me from my osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, along with other diseases that could happen.

I look and feel better, my posture has improved more toned in my body, and I have a stronger core. It's allowed me to keep doing a job I could no longer continue.

I have more energy in my day. I enjoy it. I look forward to my sessions. I can continue to exercise like this and do it safely for years or decades.

I think about my future often and my health,

I want to stay independent and strong; and healthy. I know I don't want to end up in a wheelchair or be like my mother is.

I am protecting my body and future life long.

So a suggestion is before you make an excuse,

I don't feel like it today.

I have no energy.

I have a cold.

My body is in pain; I can't move.

The more reason we need to show up for it.

Really Think about that. Why did you show up today? A bit of mindfulness before is vital, and you know it will set you up for the day or the night, that month or year, leaving your body nourished, relaxed and able to switch off this should help you make a decision making you feel empowered and proud of why you do pilates.

If you are thinking about pilates for September and don't know where to start

Contact us today via

We run pilates classes online and in-person and 1to1 sessions.

Victoria bristow pilates expert and back pain specialist

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There will be no classes from the 27th of March to the 1st of April. I'm away, but we will resume on the 2nd of April and contact you then.


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