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Testing your muscles with kinesiology can find the root cause of your back pain quickly.

A client comes to me complaining of low back pain they had for years, and they can't find the cause and have had many different treatments with no success been to their primary doctor. A general physical therapist spent five years of doctor visits and five years on physical therapy tables and is still in pain.

Here's one example, right?

So how do we do this with kinesiology?

1/ We test the hamstrings for weakness through muscle testing, as seen in the photo, which is related to the sacrum.

The problems related to weakness can be low back pain, constipation, toxicity, lower bowel issues, headaches, inflammatory diseases, restlessness, fatigue or feelings of weakness in the legs. If the sacrum is stuck or not moving freely, it can play havoc and weaken your hamstrings, giving you low back pain.

This is why it's so important to muscle test., as the muscle doesn't lie.

2/ Then we perform neuro lymphatic massage on specific points to help strengthen that muscle, so in this case, it's the front of the upper thigh bands from the inside of the knee up to the top of the thigh.

Then we rub the back, at L5, the lumbar five and down the back of the pelvis towards the feet. Also, at the top of the buttocks.

3/Next we work on the brain for circulation; we touch the neuro-vascular contact points called the parietal eminences. (These are at the widest part of the skull) holding these with our fingertips for a minute. This is soooooo relaxing.

4/We run a meridian trace to energise with our fingers lightly. We start at the point of the index finger, running it up the wrist and to the elbow. Then along the outside of the arm over the back of the shoulder. Ending at the side of the nose at the nostril.

5/Lastly we check for nutrition with supplements or food, placing the food in a small plastic pot around the throat to test for weakness.

In one treatment, you get many techniques. It's relaxing and it's amazing how it works.

To your natural holistic health

Victoria Bristow

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