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Fancy relieving your back pain and sleeping better

Kirsty success story

One of the BEST Success Stories that I have the honour of sharing with you all

is Kirsty came along to one of our beginners Pilates classes.

After just a few classes, she noticed better movement and was surprised how it was not just helping her back pain but other muscles and experienced huge relief in her back pain.

Yes, after a few classes, An inspiration!

If you fancy getting better movement and relieving your back pain, be quick, as we only have a couple more spaces available; here’s the link to book your 6-week Pilates beginners course

Mel's success story

Mel has noticed differences in her core strength and lower back pain. Fewer aches and pains.

Mel mentions the exercises are gentle, slow and easy to follow. It's relaxing, and it's about breathing and holistic.

Mel says sometimes you have to just jump in. When you walk into the class, everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Claire's success story

Claire says it's much less scary than you imagine that you are guided throughout very well.

Claire has gained flexibility, sorted out her back issues, given her core stability and evened out the aches and pains just coming once a week.

If you fancy better movement and relieving your back pain, be quick as we only have a couple more spaces available, here’s the link to book your 6 week Pilates beginners course


Pilates beginners course starting 5th May Fridays 10-11am small hall at St Nicholas’ Church hall Popular Grove Allington Maidstone Kent ME16 0DE

Pilates beginners course starting 23rd May Tuesdays 6.15-7.15pm at St Nicolas church hall small hall Allington ME16 0DE

New beginners course starting 11th May Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm St Peter’s church hall Bearsted ME15 8NJ

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