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I'm looking for professional women over 50 who want to overcome their back pain in the next 42 days

The problems you are having right now:

You are short on time. You have a busy life but are struggling to relieve aches and stiffness, perhaps your lower back is giving a niggle and you really want to feel stronger and more flexible. You may have been advised that you need to strengthen your core. You are suffering from chronic low back pain along with aches and pains. Perhaps you feel like your body may not be moving as freely as it should. You'd like to understand how to manage your back pain and aches and stay strong while keeping your flexibility long-term to feel more at ease with movement.

Back pain relief programme for professional working women

what your need

***A laptop device/iPad

***The zoom app***

*** A mat***

***A large towel**

*** wear comfortable clothing a fitted top bare feet or socks***

***A cleared space with no obstructions good light area ***

*** health form required***

DM me if you’re interested.


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