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Pilates myths I debunked?

I didn't know the truth about pilates. I thought it was a fancy stretching routine or something ballet dancers did.

I was so far from the truth and wasn't interested to find out more until I injured my back and was laid out on my bed for months in agony.

Myth-pilates is a fancy word for stretching.


I learnt that the exercises develop overall body strength and flexibility simultaneously, which results in long, lean muscles

with a back injury, I developed tight muscles that had been pulling on my spinal structures, causing me further back and neck pain on top.

Myth- I thought that pilates was just another abs workout.

But actually, I was working my deep abdominal core muscles nearer to the bone to protect my frame; little did I know that.

So when clients ask how many core muscles are there?

I say all of them now.

Pilates is for everyone, from professional city workers and desk jobs to tradespeople, builders, and carpenters, to sportsmen and women to improve their game, to retired men and women wanting to manage their strength and flexibility and keep the pains at bay later in life.

Many exercises in general fitness do not isolate the abdominals effectively. I didn't learn that until I did a crunch at full speed in a legs bums and tums class where the instructor pushed us to do as many reps as possible.

Too late, my back went. I froze, and the paramedics sent me out on a stretcher. That was me finished.

Out on painkillers, drugged on morphine and codeine and laid out on my bed for months to come, no pay, no work.

With time to think about how I was going to get better?

What were the consequences I would face if I didn't recover?

More pain, depression, immobile, tighter muscles, sleepless nights, no work, and no pay. OUCH

rely on others to get me dressed, shower and be assisted to the toilet. I wouldn't say I liked that either, being too proud.

I may not be able to walk, see my friends or exercise like I had anymore and would have to rely on others to do things for me.

Or have surgery that just did it for me.

What about endless visits to the doctors along with other professionals?

I was determined to get pain relief and to start slowly and gradually building up and setting myself challenges like getting up and walking to the bathroom despite the pain; I would move no matter what.

Myth- I thought pilates was a group of exercises.

Pilates is a routine technique using your core. You learn with breathing exercises using controlled, efficient pain-free movement.

After I had recovered from my back injury, I trained in the pilates method; I wanted to know everything. I was more confident and fitter than ever, staying pain-free.

A friend challenged me to a game of golf. I could hit the ball further and straighter than her and give a better swing by increasing my core strength, flexibility, stability, balance, posture alignment coordination with absolute precision.

She asked how I did that. I replied with the pilates method.

I think it will really help you like it changed my life.

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