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Pilates for sciatica and kinesiology combined.

Pilates for sciatica and kinesiology combined.

Lots of people come to me for sciatica pain relief

just mention the word, and people start to grimace

and rubbing the back of their legs or around the buttocks

Now some people even go down the surgery route.

It is your choice. But really, surgeons can't guarantee to fix it. So that's a high price for going on the operating table.

Some spend thousands going through all that stress and pain only to find that the pain hadn't resolved and left with another problem.

Maybe even something else? Yikes! I would much rather take the natural route through therapy, trying to manage it in any way possible. Some people will try kinesiology for treatment to help quickly with the pain relief, and others go down the pilates route. There is no right or wrong per say. It is just what you feel comfortable with, and some need both.

Sciatica is a set of symptoms rather than a diagnosis in itself. It can be caused by several things, some not severe and some very serious.

So it's essential if you get sciatica, you must get it checked out by a health professional.

Don't try and self-treat this on your own.

You could have tight muscles in the buttocks or even a slipped disc, in the worst case scenario, a tumour. Don't panic. It's very scarce, indeed. When people book classes, I always ask about back pain and leg pain which can cause numbness in their toes.

Sometimes I will advise on a kinesiology 1to1 treatment first to check for muscle strength, Physical, chemical, mental or Energy. Other times, it's not necessary and pilates works

The sciatic nerve is the longest in the entire body.

It runs from the middle of the spine through the buttock and right down the back of the leg.

Any pressure on it anywhere can cause stabbing pain or ache.

The four leading causes of sciatic pain are a slipped disc in the lumbar region that causes pressure on the nerve.

If it pushes into the spine, you have double trouble lower back and sciatica or later age-related wear and tear to the spine.


This narrowing of the spinal canal can be associated with age. Sometimes, pregnancy can cause it to happen.

Pressure increases on the sciatica nerve resulting in pain shooting down the leg.

Piriformis syndrome

The piriformis muscle helps turn your thigh outwards. It can get very tight for people who spend too long sitting and for long-distance drivers.

The sciatic nerve runs under that muscle. Pushing it can force irritation.

Sacroiliac joint issues

The sacroiliac joint is roughly a triangular shape located at the bottom of the spine.

It's where the tailbone meets the pelvis.

This joint has had a lot of wear and tear throughout its lifetime. It can get inflamed and damaged, putting pressure on the pesky nerve.

Pilates and kinesiology with help with the pain relief


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